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We strive to give first-rate attention to your healthcare needs by working with the finest doctors and home health providers of your choice. Our skilled staff offer 24-hour supervised care with personal hygiene, getting dressed, transferring, as well as assistance with medication. We also give laundry service and housekeeping.

When you reside at our facility, you'll absolutely love the home-like surroundings that maintain and uphold your spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs and beliefs. Residents at our facility can have fun socializing while playing board games, attending our weekly church services, or just chatting with others in one of our sitting areas.

At Promiseland Assisted Living of Lubbock, TX, we aim to give you or your loved one with the assistance required to enable you to live in a calm and serene environment. With over 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge to meet the specific needs of our residents.


Supervised Care

Unwind in Our Home-Like Surroundings to Uphold Your Physical and Emotional Needs

Get supervised care 24 hours a day.

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Taking care of your hygiene and housekeeping

Get nutritious home-style meals at our facility made by our affectionate staff. If you have special diets and health needs, let us know. We'll handle it without any issue. If you want something more, we'll give you amazing snacks. All our services are rendered for a single fee as we want you to have a safe and cheerful lifestyle. Visit us today!

Nutritious home-style meals cooked by our talented staff

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